Wednesday 3.30.16

Weightlifting Wednesday!Pausing Overhead Squat2-2-2-2-23 Second Pause in the BottomCa$hout20 Pull-Ups30 Push-Ups40 Sit-Ups50 Air SquatsPost Loads and Times to Comments.Box Brief:Tomorrow is Bring a Friend Day! Saturday a bunch of people are getting together at Jacks...

Tuesday 3.29.16

Boat Race3 rounds of:500m Row400m RunRest 1:1Post Times to Comments.Box Brief:What type of specialty courses are you interested in? What types of social outings would you like to partake in? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? So many questions! Want to...

Monday 3.28.16

Freeza5 rounds of:10 Front Rack Step Back Lunges @ 115/8050 Double UndersPost Scores to Comments.Box Brief:This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day! Tell all your friends!

Saturday 3.26.16

Cement MixerOn the 3 Minute x 7400m Run12 Toes to BarPost Times For Each Round to Comments.Box Brief:Regular open gym hours on Sunday from 9am – 12pm.