Our CrossFit TILT Nutrition Program takes an individualized, 360-degree approach to produce sustainable results so you can eat, move and live with excellence.

We consider Nutrition to be the foundation of our CrossFit fitness pyramid for good reason. What we put into our bodies affects more than just the way we look; it affects the way we feel, perform and respond to the world around us. In order to perform well, both in and out of the gym, we need to properly absorb and utilize nutrients to support optimal function of our bodies.




For any questions, contact Kathleen at Kathleen@crossfittilt.com

At TILT, we don’t believe in a magical one size fits all nutrition approach; we believe that each athlete deserves a nutrition plan as individual and unique as they are. Whether you are an advanced level athlete or someone trying to get and stay fit to perform the activities of daily living, we will work together to create a customized program that works for you and your lifestyle. By taking a 360-degree approach, we will systematically help you achieve results through nutritional education and guidance so you can eat, move and live with excellence.

Groundwork Program is reduced to $100 after the first month

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