Congratulations to Dayna and David!

Congratulations to Dayna and David!

The Good Life
3 rounds of:
500m Row
12 Burpees
21 Box Jumps @ 24/20

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Box Brief
Hi Guys,
Nutrition Challenge starts tomorrow!

For all those doing the challenge…

  1. If you have not gotten your measurements taken, please arrive early to class today to get these done. Measurements must be taken before working out.
  2. Our baseline workout is today! Try your best to make it in. If you do not make it in, you will have to make-up this workout the following day.
  3. The updated information and guidelines to the Nutrition Challenge can be found at HERE. Please check this out as there has been a change in the point system.
  4. To keep track of your points, we have created a google doc. This will also be set up at the front desk to input yourself when you come to the gym. If you would like to be able to input points outside the gym, please request access to the link. The link can be found HERE.
  5. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Max or Brian. Good Luck!!
Our FIRST Member of the Month...Cindy Basque!

Our FIRST Member of the Month…Cindy Basque!

We are so incredibly excited and proud of Cindy! Since starting at CrossFit TILT Cindy has made a commitment to working out 5 times a week and has stuck to it! For that reason and many more she is our first Member of the Month!

  1. How did you start CrossFit?

A little over six years ago, I was one of the founding members at the new CrossFit box at Forever Fit in Watertown. Back then, I had no idea what CrossFit was. All I knew was there would be variety in the workouts and they promised to kick my butt! I didn’t realize I would be lifting weights, or some of the other challenging things we do. Probably a good thing I was ignorant – I might have been scared away! But I was hooked from day one. I love the variety every day, and the sense of accomplishment when I finish a difficult WOD. I am totally addicted to CrossFit. It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

In spite of my love for CrossFit, last year for a variety of reasons, I found it difficult to make more than one or two classes a week, and I was missing whole weeks at a time. As a result, I lost a lot of ground in terms of strength. With the start of the new year, and especially since joining TILT, I decided it was time for a reset. This is my year of “no excuses” and I have committed to coming 5 times a week. I have a set schedule and I come no matter what – no cherry picking. There are some days when I am really intimidated by the scheduled WOD. But I have come no matter what, and it is a great feeling to know I can get through anything – scaled as appropriate of course, but then, that’s what CrossFit is all about.

  1. If there was a workout named “Cindy” besides the CrossFit benchmark “Cindy” what    would it consist of?

Let’s celebrate some of my biggest goats!

Run 400m

30 burpees

Run 800 m

20 pull-ups

Run 800m

30 burpees

Run 400m


  1. You have to eat one meal for the rest of your life. What is it? It can be unhealthy – in this world it won’t have any negative consequences.

I gave this a lot of thought and actually, my choice isn’t too bad – a nice juicy steak, perfectly cooked on the grill, with lots of fresh vegetables – maybe broccoli and a fresh picked tomato, still warm from the garden. It’s what makes me happiest nowadays. And a nice glass of wine of course.

Oh – and ice cream. Must have ice cream!

  1. You have to watch one movie every day for the rest of your life. What is it?

That could be just about any movie and I will never be bored. I tend to fall asleep while watching movies and miss 10-15 minute stretches at a time. So maybe with repeated viewings for the rest of my life I will actually catch the whole thing!

  1. If you could be any Smurf who would you be and why?

Ah – my kids watched this show, not me, so I’m starting from scratch here. But after careful review of the choices, a weekend of binge watching every Smurf cartoon I could find, and filling out one of those highly scientific online “which Smurf am I” questionnaires I think the one closest to my personality is Papa Smurf. (Very few female Smurfs to choose from!) Some of his/my traits:

You enjoy the simple things in life. You are happiest when those around you are happy and when life is harmonious. Sometimes you bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you genuinely want what is best for others and will make the sacrifices to achieve it.

And as Papa Smurf I get to use potions! And wear a beard like Max! How cool is that?

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Walberg, and Matt Damon. You have to play one in a game of HORSE, have one of them read you a book, and go to a haunted house with one of them. What are your choices and why?

You do realize I am probably old enough to be these guys’ mother? Couldn’t you pick more mature actors? Tom Hanks? Liam Neeson? Pierce Brosnan?

Okay, I’ll work with what you gave me:

I’ll play Mark Walberg in HORSE. He’s a tough street guy and it will be fun to watch his moves under the net.

Leonard DiCaprio can read me a book. He is such a versatile actor that I know I will enjoy listening to him voicing the various characters in the book.

I’ll go to a haunted house with Matt Damon. I’ve seen all the Bourne movies. He can get out of anything –  he will keep me safe!

  1. What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My husband! We met when I was 15, dated for five years, and have been married over 42 years – most of my life. And after all these years we still have a lot of fun together. Pretty hard to imagine life without him!

And of course the rest of my family too – my three amazing kids and their spouses/significant others and the two greatest grandchildren in the world.

  1. What’s a fun fact that no one knows about you?

I love to do home renovation projects with my husband. Some projects included gutting and rebuilding two bathrooms, building a laundry room and a new screen porch.  A day that includes power tools is a great day for me!

  1. Is Batman a Superhero even if he doesn’t have any “super powers”? Why or why not?

He is a Superhero. The ones with super powers got those powers handed to them. Batman had to make do with what he had. With his goal of fighting crime he spent his time developing mentally and physically to be the best he could be. And he risked his life fighting foes who did have superpowers. So he’s a superhero in my book.

  1. Any final thoughts on being our very first Member of the Month?

I am truly honored to be chosen from such an amazing group to be the first Member of the Month. And I am thrilled to be a founding member of this wonderful community of coaches and athletes. I knew from day one at TILT that I had found my new CrossFit home, and it just gets better and better as I get to know everyone. There is so much support in this community for everyone’s gains – large and small. I am really looking forward to the journey with all of you.