R & R
For Time:
1000m Run
1000m Row
800m Run
800m Row
600m Run
600m Row
400m Run
400m Row
200m Run
200m Row

Workout Guidance
Rest and Relaxation…Running and Rowing…Rest and Recreation…
Reward and Recognition…Revise and Resubmit…
Whatever it means to you today is going to be an absolute blast.
Long grind so buckle up and wear your running shoes.

Box Brief
TILT Community Hike
Sunday 6/16 @ 10:00 AM at Tippling Rock.
Click Here for Details

Jack Richard Urban Foundation Ride This Sunday, June 16th at TILT Waltham we will do a C2 bike workout called “The Tour de Misfit” to raise funds and awareness for Jack Urban and his cause, the rare disease Non-Ketotic Hyperglicinemia (NKH). On June 13th Jack turned three and continued to defy the odds of this curable, but underfunded disease.
Together we will do a C2 bike workout called “The Tour de Misfit.” We’ll have heats going off at 9, 10 and 11 but riders are welcome to jump on bikes anytime they’d like. It’s about a 30 minute ride so bikes are likely to open up on the half hour. Riders are asked to make a donation to the Jack Richard Urban Foundation of at least $20.