“Lift For Lyme”
Teams of 3:
100 Calorie Row, 100 Deadlifts
80 Calorie Row, 80 Hang Power Cleans
60 Calorie Row, 60 Front Squats
40 Calorie Row, 40 Push Jerks
20 Calorie Row, 20 Clusters

Rx Loading – 135/95
One athlete works at a time. Post Times to Comments.

Box Brief
Lift for Lyme Fundraiser Workout today in our group classes!

Lift For Lyme will raise money for the Dean Center in Boston. The Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH) in Charlestown, MA. provides leading-edge collaborative programs and expertise in neurocognitive and neuromuscular recovery along with a multidisciplinary approach to Lyme disease rehabilitation for acute and chronically affected Lyme patients in New England and around the country.

100% of all Lift For Lyme donations will go directly to The Dean Center.

Please consider donating to The Dean Center by following THIS LINK.
We’ll also have a donation jar ready at the gym.