A Lil’ Sum Something
7 Hang Power Cleans
7 Front Squats
#= 205/145

Workout Guidance
Good things come in small packages. Take for instance the ant… Here are 5 fun facts about ants!
– There are more than 12,000 different types of ants all over the world!
– Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight.
– Ant colonies are run by a single queen ant, who control all the other ants.
– Some queen ants can live for many years and have millions of babies.
– Ants don’t have ears.
Treat today like a heavy weightlifting day.
Challenge yourself to find a heavy load for the hang power clean and front squat.

Box Brief
TILT Community Hike
Sunday 6/16 @ 10:00 AM at Tippling Rock.
Click Here for Details

Jack Richard Urban Foundation Ride This Sunday, June 16th at TILT Waltham we will do a C2 bike workout called “The Tour de Misfit” to raise funds and awareness for Jack Urban and his cause, the rare disease Non-Ketotic Hyperglicinemia (NKH). On June 13th Jack turned three and continued to defy the odds of this curable, but underfunded disease.
Together we will do a C2 bike workout called “The Tour de Misfit.” We’ll have heats going off at 9, 10 and 11 but riders are welcome to jump on bikes anytime they’d like. It’s about a 30 minute ride so bikes are likely to open up on the half hour. Riders are asked to make a donation to the Jack Richard Urban Foundation of at least $20.