Weightlifting Wednesday!

1 Rep Max Snatch

1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

Drink some coffee, listen to Rage, and let’s fire it up!

Box Brief

Congratulations to our July Member of the Month…

Dave Hanlon!!!

  1. How did you hear about CrossFit?–since moving back to Wayland in 2011, a close HS friend had been talking about CFNE and how much it helped him with overall health and wellness.  I was concerned with time commitment, injury (I have had 2 back surgeries) and just my work schedule.  But he kept saying how great it was…I told him if he opened up his own “Box” I would try it out.  That friend was LJ DiCarlo…one of the owners of TILT…so I joined.
  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit?–Remember to this day.  March 19th – 12 pm Elements class…where Max was the coach.  It was me, Amanda Murphy and Chuck Mazokopos.  All I remember Amanda kicked our butts, and I didn’t really remember driving home.  But I was hooked!!!!
  1. What class do you go to?– 5:15amclass…the best class!!!
  1. What is your favorite movement?– Burpee’s – because it requires endurance, strength, flexibility and mentality to get through them…
  2. What is you least favorite movement?– Burpee’s – because it requires endurance, strength, flexibility and mentality get through them…and they usually are thrown into an already brutal WOD…
  1. If there was a “Hanlon” workout what would it consist of?– I love the team WOD’s…so the “Hanlon” would be sharing the Pain…no specific movement…just a team approach to get through it…and as long there was beer at the end!!!
  1. Who would win in an all out 400m sprint, you or Griffy?– That’s easy…Griffy!  Happy Wife = Happy Life…which means I can buy a 1967 Firebird convertible.
  1. Is Ironman a Superhero? Why or why not?–sure…he’s a bad ass and uses AC/DC as his theme music when he makes an appearance.
  1. What was your nickname in High School?– Hanlon
  1. If you were a pirate what would be your pirate name and the name of your ship?–well since I cannot grow a beard…Maybe I would go by “Captain No-Beard”…and the name would be “Mahalo”…as in thank you for letting me take your Booty!!!
  1. Is it true you shoot potato guns over the lake?–Yes – the best $20 spent at Home Depot making the gun.  Aqua Net hair spray makes for the best firepower.  And I believe Max had a chance to experience shooting a potato or two over some kayakers.
  1. If you were a shark what kind of shark would you be?– AWhale Shark…everyone likes a whale shark.
  1. What is your favorite movie?– Vision Quest…who doesn’t like the underdog taking down the champion!!!  And a great soundtrack to boot.
  1. Any last thoughts on being Member of the Month?–This is a huge honor.  I have met so many talented individuals who have had great results and perform at a tremendous level every day.  I look at many of these athletes as inspiration.  I have seen so many people transform since I joined in March….it could be weight loss, it could be new PR or a new move like a muscle up or rope climb…and seeing the entire room erupt with cheering and fist pumps is just awesome.

To me it is all about the coaching!  Max and Brian have been there step by step with me to be sure I am safe and that I am pushing myself to improve.  I also have to thank LJ DiCarlo for pushing me to give Crossfit TILT a try…because 4 months later…I am down 30 lbs., I am healthier and I have met many new friends which was all unexpected.

Thank you again for this honor…