Running is FUN!

Running is FUN!

Today is Bring a Friend Day!
All classes are free to try!

Double Pump
Teams of 2 – AMRAP 20:
1 Calorie Row, 1 Burpee Box Jump (24″/20″)
2 Calorie Row, 2 Burpee Box Jump (24″/20″)
3 Calorie Row, 3 Burpee Box Jump (24″/20″)

Partner 1 completes the first round, 1 Calorie and 1 BBJ.
Partner 2 then does the same, 1 Calorie and 1 BBJ.
Partner 1 completes 2 Calories + 2 BBJ, and tags it back to Partner 2 for the same.
Continue completing full rounds and adding (1) repetition to each movement until time is called.

Box Brief
31 Heroes Fundraiser is this Saturday, August 6th!
We’re incredibly excited to start a new tradition at TILT! We will be completing the workout at 7, 8, 9, and 10am in class.

On August 6th, 2011, 31 of America’s bravest warriors gave their lives in defense of our freedom. These men were sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, and friends. was created as a effort to raise funds for the families of these fallen warriors, and has since then grown in purpose. Providing funds to families nationwide who have lost loved ones overseas, and providing assistance to those returning from duty with disabilities, we are honored to be able to associate with such a cause.

To learn more about and to donate to the TILT Team, click HERE.