Congratulations to our May Member of the Month...Sam!

Congratulations to our May Member of the Month…Sam!

Today is Bring a Friend Day!

Starsky and Hutch
Teams of 2
200m Run
15 KBS @ 53/35
10 Box Jump Overs @ 24/20

Partner 1 completes entire round then partner 2 completes entire round. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

Post Team Names and Scores to Comments.

Congratulations Sam! Time for some questions:

1. How did you first hear about CrossFit?
Back in 2008 a local friend showed me a trending website with some really fit shirtless people working out in modded home garages. Not to be sarcastic, but at the time I was 17 and in high school, and I wasn’t very interested.

However, over the years the sport become so big, and so inclusive that it was more like, “Who hasn’t heard of Crossfit?” Eventually, it became a recurring suggestion in so many areas of my life that I decided to walk into a local Gym. I met Max and Teri on March 17th, and the rest is history.
2. What have you learned about yourself since starting at CrossFit TILT?
I have learned that I can, and should, feel good about capitalizing on the value of doing “one thing right” to start each day. For many athletes, taking that daily hour to do something prescribed, measured, and celebrated has cascading effects on productivity, and I am no exception.

This pattern has led to improvements at work and in my personal life, and I have realized GPP has a meaning far deeper than athletic development. Post-Crossfit, my private and internal dialogues have a whole lot more UMPH in each day: 

“I crushed the 6:30AM CFTILT today, and I’m going to crush every appointment after it. Watch out world, because I learned how to Split Jerk an average person’s body weight this morning” 

I say it in my head (not aloud!!), and it works! At first, it can feel silly and weird, but it is truly empowering.

3. Would you rather have Eamon’s Butt or Max’s Beard?
I like my butt, so, Max’s Beard.
4. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
Too cold.
5. Would you rather drink a jar of pickle juice or a jar of hot sauce?
I have never publicly announced this, and it is completely gross, but I regularly drink the end of my sauerkraut mix. After the last serving in the bag has been consumed, there is usually ~4oz of delicious probiotic pickle juice left. (Done via shot glass)
6. Would you rather have excessive ear hair or excessive nose hair?
I would prefer ear hair. Doesn’t interfere with a kiss!
7. What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Least favorite movement?
When I first started, my favorite movements were always changing. After paying more attention, I eventually realized that my favorite movements were lifts. Even more so, my favorite was not just a specific lift, but a feeling in general- that special feeling when you just nail it.Loosely put, it’s “that set” of olympic lifts where the athlete feels the immediate click of improvement. It has to be the result of direct feedback between coach and athlete.

Just like a perfect golf shot- the lift feels good, sounds good, and takes the perfect amount of calculated effort. It feels so good that you want to do it again right away. This application of strength and form improvement is the apex of CrossFit movement.

Least favorite is definitely OHS.

8. If there was a “Sam” WOD what would it be?
Woah! Cool! It would be called the “Giff-O-Lympics”. Olympic Lifts/Sprinting outside, done under the sun and in the Summer. If this workout were to occur, I would have everyone to WOD outside at my house, followed with a big ole’ BBQ. Barbells would be thrown into Tacomas, and food into coolers, and we would meet around 11 AM on a Saturdayin July/August.Buy In, 2RFT 5 Pull Up

10 Push Up

15 Air Squat



Clean and Jerk 135/95

Power Snatch 135/95

DeadLift 225/185

4 Sprints @40 yard in between each completed interval set of completed olympic lifts. Athletes should rest 30-45 second in between completed lift sets before departing on sprints for preparation and recovery.


Cash Out, 2RFT

7 Pull Ups

7 Burpees


9. What does a perfect day consist of for you?
The perfect day would revolve around the three largest components of my life- food, relationships, and outdoors. A body of water is always involved in my favorite days, notably the ocean and exceptionally clear New England lakes.The food is usually local to the area and prepared in a manner I can not cook myself. Now that I’m doing Crossfit, I smile as I type that a WOD would be included. CrossFit is such a new part of my life, but Tilt has me head over heels.
10. What’s your spirit animal?
A horse. The strength of a horse goes far beyond the size of their muscles. Horses are extremely intelligent and emotional, curious and playful. I grew up on a farm in Lincoln M.A that provides non-profit horseback therapy to those with special needs. I will forever be inspired by the way horses evoke emotion and personal growth in those around them.
11. Favorite kids movie?
“Robin Hood” Animated, 1990’s version. That makes me giggle and ROFL like no other. This movie’s character “Little John”  (the bear) is my second spirit animal, especially concerning the less serious side of life. Furthermore, I cannot answer this question without mentioning “Finding Nemo”, the movie my little sister and I watched over 200 times between her second and fourth birthday.
12. Any last thought on being Member of the Month?
What an honor! Thank you all for creating an incredible community. I love learning from you all, and I hope to keep doing so each and every day. Wahoo!