Blade Runner
On the 2:00 x 10 Rounds:
3 Ring Muscle-Ups
5 Deadlifts (275/185)
7 Handstand Pushups

Box Brief
We know the month is almost half over, but believe me it was well worth the wait to reveal our July Member of the Month…

Congratulations Laura DeNomme!

Congratulations Laura DeNomme!

How does it feel to be the member of the month for June

Pretty cool – almost as cool as the names of the WODS’s Tilt comes up with! It would take me hours to think of something.  If I had to name a WOD it would be “Orange plastic cup with seltzer”, “Remote control on the Ottoman” (can you tell what I’m actually doing?)

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Since Tilt opened its doors!  Prior to that I did boot camp at a CF Box in Nashua (Yeah CF Tuff!) and dabbled a little in CF. I lacked consistency, therefore I lacked results. My mindset has changed since then and I’m pretty happy with my progression.

How did I find out about CrossFit?

I was dating someone that was a major CF fan at the time. I remember saying to him that I heard CF was a cult and that people got injured all the time. Definitely something I was *not* interested in doing. I was getting my certification to become a barre instructor at the time and thought I had all the answers.  He urged me to come and try it out and see for myself.  I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid at that point…but I did have a few large sips.

If there was a Laura workout what would it consist of?

Squat Cleans and Back Squats! Totally geeked out just writing that.  On a serious note, the ones that I find the most rewarding – I actually “dislike”.  Wall balls – Burpees – Running….  I spend the day anticipating (dreading) them.  I struggle and strategize hours before and eventually try to find a reasonable excuse for why I need to work late but inevitably make my way to Tilt. The hardest ones are the most rewarding.

Backpack with 5 items….

IPhone (has a camera, stay connected, and because I’m 100% a slave to technology)

I spent about 20 minutes thinking of the other 4 items and realized that anyone that knows me knows would find this hilarious.  Truthfully, I can’t even pack a bag for a weekend without taking a separate bag for just my shoes.  My idea of roughing it is generally a motel 6 so I might actually have to submit a spreadsheet later based on how many days I’m travelling.

If there was a DeNomme signature cereal what would it be?

There is a DeNomme signature cereal…Lucky Charms! Did you know you can buy a 40# bag of just the marshmallows on Amazon.com for a mere $164.00? Let thank sink in for a while.

Q from James Bond is making you a car! What kind of car and gadgets?

Q would need to outfit a Jaguar F-type coupe if he expects me to be bad-assed whilst driving.  I would expect some special button that forces slow drivers outta my way through a supersonic, hydro sonic wave emitter pulse so I can chase down thugs all day long…and a yellow button to spray something annoying on their windshield as I pass to remind them to get the hell outta the way.  However, I would have a cute VW bug like horn so you would be forced to laugh and say “aww”.

What is one food you cannot live without?

Pizza. All the toppings.  All time time.  Sure I can do Pepperoni or Cheese – those are definitely prerequisites.

What is your #1 workout jam?

Canned Heat – Jamiroquai  (Best song everrrrr)

Which class do you take? Any pre-class ritual?

My squad is the 6:30pm crew; I know you all well and I actually have a little pain in my heart when I see you roaming the other classes.  I get it though; I’m attracted to the 5:30pm crew as well…..I’m human.  I think about trying a 5:15am class at some point…but who am I kidding.  I’m pretty unpleasant to be around early in the morning – and my colleagues may say I’m pretty unpleasant to be around 80% of day.  Besides, I’m absolutely sure I’m a mumbler before 7am.

I have no ritual, but would be open to any number of OCD behaviors it were to help my overhead squats, snatches etc.

Any final thoughts?

I’m pretty thankful that I have found such an amazing community at Tilt.  So many supportive people that I consider friends.  I hit my first wall at Tilt last night while doing Surfer on Acid.  No doubt I’ll hit a few more.  It was humbling, and hard to not finish what I have always started at Tilt, but I also know there is another day.  Another WOD.  Beyond grateful for the amazing coaches we have and the best programming around.  I see my progression and it has been exciting.  Thanks for making me a member of the month Max!