As the health and wellness of our members and employees continues to be our #1 priority, we are making the decision to close Waltham, Sudbury, and Southborough starting immediately. Our goal is to reopen all three gyms on Monday, March 30.  Although we have continued to take every precautionary measure to respond to the growing situation, we want to make sure that we are leading from the front and doing everything in our power to keep everyone safe.

With the temporary closing of Waltham, Sudbury, and Southborough, we wanted to address some questions you may have:

What will we do for workouts? 
We are committed to your continued health and fitness and with that in mind TILT will be posting limited equipment workouts as well as bodyweight workouts everyday. Starting on Monday (3/16) video links including working explanations, full warmups, and movement demos will be sent to all TILT members.

What does this mean for my membership? 
We will be prorating your April membership to reflect your days lost in March.

What if I have questions/concerns about modifying workouts? 
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your head coaches from Waltham, Sudbury, and Southborough. Lindsay (, Mick (, and Casey (

Can I still post to the blog and the Facebook Group?
Please continue to post your workouts and stay as active as possible online!

If I have questions about the closing who should I contact?
Please email Max (

I understand that there are many uncertainties right now. I know what TILT means to you because it means the same thing to me and my employees. With that in mind, during these times let’s continue to be the strong and supportive community that we’ve always been.

We will continue to notify all members on any updates on the gym and any changes via email, Facebook, and our blog.